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Classroom Rules and Exercises

P.E. Classroom Rules


  • Transition from class to class as a group


  • Be dressed and sitting in activity lines before the 5 minute timer expires  - or you will receive a tardy


  • Listen and follow directions quickly


  • Respect all others in the building


  • Keep all belongings in you assigned locker


  • Respect the gym and all equipment - pick up after yourself  







Exercise Activities List  


  • Stretches

    • Standing Toe Touches :  Right over left, left over right - left over right

    • Legs apart - reach for left, right, middle

    • Standing quad pull through- left then right

    • Cross chest arm stretches -  left then right

    • Triceps stretches- left the right  

    • Arm Circles -  small forward then backwards - BIg forward then backward  

    • Sitting toes touches - feet together then left and right, left leg back then right leg back, left leg in then right leg in

    • Butterfly


  • Activites

    • Sit-ups

    • Push-ups

    • Raider Jumping Jacks