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Badminton Tournament Lesson Plan


Jody Foust

Aaron Deaton


Spring Sem.


7th and 8th grade PE


Nettleton Junior High

Unit Name:

Badminton Tournament

Lesson Focus:

To let the students have fun playing multiple games of doubles in badminton with competition involved to demonstrate their knowledge of the skills they have learned.

Lesson Materials/ Equipment needed:

Badminton Rackets

Badminton Net and Standards




Grade Level Outcomes and Standard Elements met:

PEL 3.7.1, PEL 3.8.1, PEL 3.7.4, PEL 3.8.4, PEL 4.7.1, PEL 4.8.1

Lesson Goals/Objectives:

Psychomotor: Students will perform the correct techniques that they have learned about badminton.


Cognitive: students will learn how to play with a partner in a competitive environment


Affective: students will use this as a lifelong skill to stay healthy

Safety Considerations:

Sit if you are not participating in a game, don’t walk across courts with games being played, hold on tight to your racket.

Task Progression

(Learner Activity)


Management Organization

Teacher Demonstrations/Explanations/Instructional Cues


Warm -up

10 min

Exercise spots

Teacher will lead a series of stretches and exercises.



10 min

Exercise spots

Teacher will introduce tournament format and teams


Lesson Focus:

10 min

Badminton Court

Students will participate in the Badminton Tournament



10 min

Badminton Court

Teacher will review and ask questions.


Technology Integration – Media, Materials & Methods: (All media and materials are listed, and are appropriate. For each listed-details of how they will be implemented into the lesson to enhance learning.)


Assessment (Impact on Student Learning):

Unit test at the end of the tournament