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Pickle Ball

Pickleball Tournament Lesson Plan


Jody Foust

Aaron Deaton


Spring Sem.


7th and 8th grade PE


Nettleton Junior High

Unit Name:


Lesson Focus:

Tournament Play

Lesson Materials/ Equipment needed:

Winner, Loser bracket, rackets, wiffle balls, nets, standards



Standards Addressed:


AR K-8 PE & Health

AR 9-12 PE & Leisure

__x_Motor Skills & Movement Forms

__x_Movement Concepts

_x__Physical Activity

___Health-Related Fitness

_x__Personal & Social Behavior

___Values Physical Activity

_x__Motor Skills & Movement Patterns

_x__Movement Concepts

___Health-Related Fitness

_x__Lifetime Activities & Recreation

_x__Personal & Social Behavior

___Human Growth & Development

___Disease Prevention

___Community Health & Promotion

___Healthy Life Skills & Relationships

___Personal Health & Safety


_x__Movement Concepts

___Health-Related Fitness

_x__Lifetime Activities & Recreation

_x__Personal & Social Behavior

Grade Level Outcomes and Standard Elements met:

PEL 3.7.1, PEL 3.8.1, PEL 3.7.4, PEL 3.8.4, PEL 4.7.1, PEL 4.8.1

Lesson Goals/Objectives:

Psychomotor: students will use motor skills and movements to play games of pickleball


Cognitive: students will understand how a winner/loser bracket works, know when it is their turn to play, and understand how to win the tournament.


Affective: students will be able to use tournament play with a winner/loser bracket now that they have a better understanding of how brackets work.


Health-Related Fitness: students will increase their hear rate while playing

Safety Considerations:

Use wrist band on paddle to keep from flying out of hand, sit while not playing, don’t walk through the middle of a game.

Rules, Routines & Expectations:

Do not walk on other courts while games are going on

Have fun but be respectful of your opponent

If you are not playing, have a seat on the wall until it is your turn to play

Task Progression

(Learner Activity)


Management Organization

Teacher Demonstrations/Explanations/Instructional Cues



10 min

Exercise spots

Teacher will lead a series of stretches and exercises


Lesson Focus:

10 min

Pickleball court

Explain winner/loser bracket, keep results of all matches.


Technology Integration – Media, Materials & Methods: (All media and materials are listed, and are appropriate. For each listed-details of how they will be implemented into the lesson to enhance learning.)



Playing doubles, playing to 7 instead of 11

Assessment (Impact on Student Learning):

Pickleball unit test