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Hula Hoop Baseball



Jody Foust

Aaron Deaton


2/11/19 - 2/15/19


PE/7th & 8th Grade


Nettleton Junior High

Unit Name:

Alternative Baseball games

Lesson Focus:


Hula Hoop Baseball

Lesson Materials/ Equipment needed:

Home plate base, Four hula hoops, plastic or rubber bat, dodge ball


Standards Addressed:


AR K-8 PE & Health

AR 9-12 PE & Leisure

_x__Motor Skills & Movement Forms

___Movement Concepts

_x_Physical Activity

___Health-Related Fitness

_x__Personal & Social Behavior

___Values Physical Activity

___Motor Skills & Movement Patterns

___Movement Concepts

___Health-Related Fitness

___Lifetime Activities & Recreation

___Personal & Social Behavior

___Human Growth & Development

___Disease Prevention

___Community Health & Promotion

___Healthy Life Skills & Relationships

___Personal Health & Safety


___Movement Concepts

___Health-Related Fitness

___Lifetime Activities & Recreation

___Personal & Social Behavior

Grade Level Outcomes and Standard Elements met:

Throws with a mature pattern for distance or power appropriate to the activity in a dynamic environment. (S1.M2.7)


Throws with a mature pattern for distance or power appropriate to the activity during small-sided game play. (S1.M2.8)


Catches with a mature pattern from a variety of trajectories using different objects in small-sided game play. (S1.M3.7)


Catches using an implement in a dynamic environment or modified game play. (S1.M3.8)


Strikes a pitched ball with an implement to open space in a variety of practice tasks. (S1.M20.7)


Strikes a pitched ball with an implement for power to open space in a variety of small-sided games. (S1.M20.8)


Selects the correct defensive play based on the situation (e.g., number of outs). (S2.M11.7)


Reduces open spaced in the field by working with teammates to maximize coverage. (S2.M11.8)

Lesson Goals/Objectives:

Psychomotor: The student will demonstrate the appropriate way to hit the ball and run the bases.


Cognitive: The students will understand the rules and goal of the activity.


Affective: The students will value the need for teamwork to accomplish a common goal.

Teaching Methodology:

Direct Instruction: I will give instructions of the activity and demonstrate to the students how the activity should be played.


Simulations: The students will then perform the activity.

Safety Considerations:

Do not hit a player in the face with the dodge ball, Do not swing the bat after hitting the ball gently place it on the ground, Do not run over one another when advancing to a base, If you are not batting line up on the back wall

Rules, Routines & Expectations:

Have good sportsmanship, Get excited to learn, exercise, and have fun, Respect the teacher, environment and your classmates.

Task Progression

(Learner Activity)


Management Organization

Teacher Demonstrations/Explanations/Instructional Cues

Goal Alignment or Assessment



Sit in teams

Today we are going to play Hula Hoop Baseball. The team with the most points and wins will be the winner of today. When the buzzer goes off sit down where you are and listen for the next teams to be called out.




Exercise Spots

Students will go through a variety of stretches and walk for five minutes.


Lesson Focus:



Students will play three games of hula hoop baseball

(S1.M2.7), (S1.M2.8), (S1.M3.7), (S1.M3.8), (S1.M20.7), (S1.M20.8), (S2.M11.7), (S2.M11.8)



Exercise Spots

The students that changed clothes will go get dressed and the others will sit in their exercise spots until dismissed


Technology Integration – Media, Materials & Methods: (All media and materials are listed, and are appropriate. For each listed-details of how they will be implemented into the lesson to enhance learning.)


Teaching Styles: (i.e. Mosston’s Spectrum)

Practice : I will give the students the instructions for the activity. I will then demonstrate the activity, and let the students begin the activity.


Move the pitching line closser

Make the students pitch underhand

Add more time to the clock

Assessment (Impact on Student Learning):

I will assess the students by administering a test of the rules of Hula Hoop Baseball.

Curriculum Resources: (Books, Journal Articles, Electronic Sources)


NASPE Standards