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Daily Schedule

1st Period PAP 7 English 7:45a-8:38a

2nd Period PAP 7 English 8:42a-9:34a

3rd Period PAP 7 English 9:38a-10:29a

4th Period PREP 10:33a-11:24a 

LUNCH 11:24a-11:50a

5th Period 7 English 11:54a-12:45p

6th Period 7 English Inclusion 12:49p-1:40p

7th Period 7 Engish 1:44p-2:35p 

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Heather Bradway

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Classroom Number:
School Phone:
870-910-7819 ext 203
Conference Time:
8:42-9:34 and 2:35-3:30