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Nettleton School District 

2017-2018 School Calendar


August 7-10                                   Professional Development (Mandatory Attendance)

August 14                                       First day of School (1st Quarter Begins)

September 4                                  Labor Day (No School)

October 11                                      End of 1st Quarter (42 Days)

October 12                                     Begin 2nd Quarter

October 19                                     Parent Teacher Conferences (2:00 – 8:00)

October 20                                    Professinal Developement Day (Mandatory Attendance)

November 20-21                          Professional Development Day (Exchange Days)

November 22-24                          Thanksgiving Break (No Students)

December 15                                  End 2nd Quarter (41 Days)

December 18-January 1              Christmas Break

January 2                                       Return to School/Begin 3rd Quarter

January 15                                     MLK Day (No School)

February 19                                   Presidents’ Day (No School)

March 14                                        End 3rd Quarter (50 Days)

March 15                                        Begin 4th Quarter

March 15                                        Parent Teacher Conference (2:00-8:00)

March 16                                        Professional Developement Day (Exchange Day)

March 19-23                                  Spring Break

March 30                                       Good Friday (No School)

May 5                                              Graduation

May 25                                            End of 4th  Quarter (45 Days)

May 25                                            Last Day of School/With 5 make-up days -June 4

May 28                                            Memorial Day (No School)

May 29,30,31, June 1,4                Snow Days

Act 1469 of 2009 requires each district to include five (5 inclement weather) make-uo days in the calendar. These days wil be May 29,30,31, June 1,4

*Any days missed due to inclement weather or nay other reason will be made up at the end of the school year.